Western Wedding Rings: 101 guide

A wedding ring is something that you want to keep and wear. It is the sign and symbol of love. Hence, choosing the right western wedding rings must be very careful. If it is unique, simple or bold that you wish to have, here are some of the essential guides to get you through the day of choosing your promise ring!

That metal you want

Precious ring deserves pure materials. There is yellow gold, and there is also white gold. Which one to choose? Here’s for the start!

There are varieties of metals with different style and property. That does not mean one is better than the other, though. Yellow gold for instance, is traditional. For the bride and groom who adore classic style yellow gold is perfect. The gold consists of 18 carat to 22 carat. While 22 carat could be really expensive, it is not good to wear for day to day. You can choose the smallest carat like 9 or 14 if you want to wear it every day.

Other than yellow gold, you can choose platinum property. This material is getting popular these days. Platinum is a little harder to seek than gold but people prefer this because it is more expensive. But if platinum is too much you can choose palladium – a material that becomes a good alternative to replace platinum. It has similar texture and color but a lot cheaper.

White gold is one of the most popular material for western wedding rings. Generally it is enhanced with rhodium to make it shiner. However, as this is a polish finish, don’t expect it to stay shiny all the time. For years to come, the color will wear out and you might need to polish it once more.

Other than the choices on the above, you can also opt for titanium. Titanium is a modern property for western wedding rings. There are varieties of colors and all of these are scratch resistant. It feels cooler on finger plus a lot lighter. Other materials to be alternatives are carbide and zirconium in black color. It possesses mystical feature as the color is thick black.

That shape you want

The ring will be worn every day. You might want to add styles so that you want get bored. The wedding ring may have different shapes with delicate curve or cut out. Edgy style becomes popular these days because people want a ring that doesn’t just represent their marriage but also as hand decoration more like fashion piece.

The profile of your ring can either be flat or a bit D shape. It determines the appearance of the ring. Also, consider if you want diamond set or gemstone at the center. Diamond is one of the popular choices among many others because it symbolizes wealth and value. It is also a fashion piece that you can wear for day to day. It adds sparks to your dress and what’s more, diamond is a woman’s best friend!